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Tank Depot

Project Feature Goal

The client wanted to build a system where users would be able to select their product based on the delivery type and availability nearest their location from the product detail page. The delivery types in the checkout also needed to show different questions based on the shipping method.



I worked collectively with backend developers to build and integrate custom APIs that would load delivery type and availability of a product based on the users current location. For the checkout page I utilized a Magento API to retrieve the type of address the user entered to determine which questions and shipping methods would be available to the user.

Maine Lobster Now

Project Feature Goal: Custom Multi-Page Checkout 

The client wanted to build a checkout that gave the user a more simplistic and focused step-by-step process.



I developed a checkout comprised of 3 steps and a review. The first step was to focus solely on logging in, then transition to the shipping information section to enter address and delivery method information. The next step, included payment information and then the review page comprised of a review of all information entered before submitting payment. The ultimate goal was to create an easier flow for the user experience and ultimately increase the conversion rate


Project Feature Goal: Custom Promotion Progress Bar

Wanted a better way to actively display promotions to the users as they shopped around the store online.



Based on data, best practices, and competitors, I created a promotional bar in the cart that would allow the user to see how much was needed for the next promotional. The goal was to increase the conversion rate and average order value.

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